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Why we're here

Pure Apparel is a dynamic yoga-inspired activewear brand that supports and celebrates freedom of movement and uncompromising self-expression.

What we do
Our passionate yoga teachers have been guiding students across Asia since 2002. Through this yoga community we’ve continuously listened to what our students want and need, giving us an extraordinary edge in the creation of Pure Apparel.

Thousands of voices are behind the development of Pure Apparel. We use innovative fabrics, functional designs and thoughtful attention to detail that flatters every shape and every movement.

Pure Apparel will remain a collective vision, with community at its heart. And we’ll continue innovating to develop new opportunities for self-expression. 

The Pure Group is Asia's leading lifestyle brand consisting of Pure Yoga, MyPureYoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Apparel and nood food. Based in Hong Kong, the Group has more than 70,000 clients and over 1,600 staff. With prime locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and New York, the Pure Group is an integrated community dedicated to helping people lead a balanced 360˚ lifestyle. 

Pure Apparel